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Managers Note: Water delivery orders can be placed through the District Office (541-899-9913) starting 5/6/15. Your water order will be passed on to your Ditch Rider. He will be setting up rotations according to the 2015 "Drought Plan". With the lack of in-stream flows, the District has already started pulling storeage from the South Reservoirs. We really need some rain fall to enhance natural stream flows as it is way to early to begin storeage withdrawls, this normally would occur mid june or after. It is of utmost importance to have NO waste and the patience and understand the seriousness of the water shortage. Thank You, Carol Bradford Manager 2015 DROUGHT PLAN Without significant spring rainfall and higher reservoir levels, water users in the District should anticipate water shortages this coming summer and begin to prepare accordingly. Wet weather will help keep the natural stream flows up but are currently at record lows!! MID's stored waters are: Fourmile Reservoir, Fish Lake, Hyatt, Howard and Emigrant that are shared with TID, RRVID Irrigation Districts. MID's portion is at 42% overall of full. All water users have to take a 30% reduction to make it at least through August. Water will be totally shut off when it is deemed impractical to maintain canal and lateral flows for deliveries to all users equally.The District will adhere to a strict rotation schedule. The days between irrigation events are 18 days between irrigation events for pressure and 21 days for flood (gravity) irrigation from finsh. This will begin imediatly. Water releases from storage started early this year. Also expect fluctuations in flows due to many stream and creek uncontrolable happinings. Evaportation also plays a big part. We expect all water users to respect the Ditch Riders decisions on rotating the water around to meet this savings.

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