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12/28/2022 Rate Information

Following a year with no fee increases, all MID patrons will see planned annual assessment (rate) increases, beginning with the 2023 billing cycle.  The rate increase will be $4.00 per acre for 2023.  For 2024 and beyond, the planned annual increase will be $2.00 per acre.  The increases will help pay for irrigation district operations and maintenance costs and cover the administrative cost of servicing patrons.  

As we all know, the costs for everything have increased considerably and we need to be able to keep up with those increasing costs.  Despite rising operating costs, the district has been able to keep budget expenses nearly flat, however, even with these efforts, there is a need to stabilize long-term funding through increased assessments.  

The Board of Directors, along with the District Manager, are committed to continuing to work to minimize costs while driving efficiencies in all aspects of the district’s operations, and longer term, to identify funding sources to support the modernization of our canals and infrastructure.  Please note that water conservation projects, such as piping open canals, are primarily funded through state and federal grants and not through patron assessments.

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