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The 2024 Annual Assessments went out yesterday. During the 2023 Budgeting process, the Board of Directors created a plan to deal with increasing costs for irrigation district operations and maintenance as well as covering the administrative cost of servicing patrons. The plan (linked below) was to continue a Per-Acre increase of $2.00 for 2024. The $2.00 Per-Acre increase was not able to cover the cost of inflation, increases to operations & maintenance, and legal expenses to protect our water rights.  

At the 2024 Budget meeting, the Board approved a $24 Special Assessment Per-Parcel for 2024. This Special Assessment created a balanced budget for 2024. The district has projects on the table in 2024 that could provide additional long-term income to the budget that we hope will provide the ability to pull back this special assessment in the future.

The Board of Directors, along with the District Manager, are committed to continuing to work to minimize costs while driving efficiencies in all aspects of the district’s operations, and longer term, to identify funding sources to support the modernization of our canals and infrastructure.  Please note that water conservation projects, such as piping open canals, are primarily funded through state and federal grants and not through patron assessments.

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