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Water Supply Update 2021

The District water supply is at a historical low and the consistent heatwave is making it very tough to maintain deliveries through the entire system. Users on the lower end of our system have not had consistent access to their share of the supply. We are doing our best to supply water until August 1rst. Our supplemental supply out of Emigrant lake is only going to make it through the 3rd week in July at this rate so we will need to push our primary supply from Fish lake all the way through our system. To do this we will need to rotate usage in the system. Starting July 7th & 8th Flood irrigation on Ride 1 (Lake creek down to Cokerbutte rd) will be rotated off for one week. July 14th & 15th we will resume the rotations that were already in place for these lands. The goal is to push the water through the system and give the users at the end of the Phoenix canal (Jacksonville/old stage/central point) a fair share of consistent water deliveries. This schedule may be modified as we move forward. Staff will be contacting landowners directly and shutting/tagging headgates on the 7th and 8th. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented drought and hopefully, we can make the best with what we have by working together. If you have questions please call our office @ 541-899-9913 or email at

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