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2022 Season Update:

Our primary supply reservoirs are at 27% of the full pool and 44% of the average for this date. Our allotment in the southern supplemental supply is only at 5%. We will continue to assess the snowmelt/runoff into the reservoirs as we go into May and make a determination on the number of weeks we have in storage and a start date for the beginning of those releases. After the last few storms moved through the area Little Butte creek streamflow has come up to a level we can start diverting to get the canals charged up and begin scheduling deliveries at the beginning of May. These flows can be very flashy and weather dependant so there will be no guarantees on deliveries until we begin our releases from our storage supply. We will be launching a new web app tool that will help keep patrons updated on the system and water supply. We will also be upgrading our website platform in mid-May with a more user-friendly easier to navigate site. Keep an eye out for an opportunity to join our mailing list to receive all updates in your email as they are made. Thank you for your understanding as we go into this difficult season. We will be doing our best to make the most beneficial use of the limited water supply we have this year. Feel free to call our office @ 541-899-9913 if you have any questions.

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