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2022 Season Update

Live streamflow in Little Butte creek is tapering off and the district would typically shift to our storage supply in Fish Lake at this time. We have been getting canals wetted this month with the streamflow, and leaks have been more prevalent than ever. The Drought has taken its toll on the canal banks and we have been working hard to plug rodent holes and target seepage areas as we find them. We have been following the forecasts and working with OSU Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center to gather information regarding crop water use and soil moisture depletion across the valley compared to last year. The data shows that soil conditions appear to be 7 to 15 days wetter based on crop water use and plant development and validated by soil moisture readings. We understand that it is important to have a target date for irrigation deliveries from a planning perspective. With the limited amount of stored water we have this year, we want to make sure we begin those releases when they will be utilized the most. We have a very limited supplemental supply in Emigrant Lake this season and we will make the most efficient use of this supply by running it at the same time as TID. The tentative start date for stored water releases out of Fish Lake is June 15th. That date is subject to change. The Board of Directors plans to meet again next week to assess the current conditions after this weekend’s forecasted weather event.

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