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Season Update

The District has started flushing all canals and we will work on laterals next week. At this time we have enough streamflow in the Little Butte and Bear Creek systems to start irrigating. While the majority of crops do not need water yet due to saturated soil and the delayed growing season, we want to take advantage of the streamflow that is available for those that can beneficially use it at this time. If you would like to start irrigating please call the office and put in a request next week. The ditch riders will be transitioning to being available 7 days a week by the 15th of this month. The Board will meet next Wednesday to discuss any updates in weather or water supply so stay tuned for another update next week. 

The District took delivery of a new mower this month. This will help us keep up with the maintenance of the canals. Please keep all right-of-ways clear so that our operators can do their jobs efficiently and safely. Please mark or flag any approved private infrastructure that you have within the canal or right-of-ways (pumps/intakes etc.). We appreciate your help as we work to stay ahead on our canal maintenance this season.

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