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Irrigation update

The streamflow has been dropping and the demand has increased. On Monday the lower end of our system started to see the shortages. The Board met today for our June meeting and agreed to begin pulling from our stored water in the reservoirs. Now that the snow pack has melted out and the reservoirs are no longer filling, we can see that we have slightly less water supply than we did on this date last year. We are also pulling stored water two weeks early this season. Water from Emigrant will be released tomorrow morning 6/13 and will help replenish the shortage for the lower-end users. We appreciate your patience as we transition from streamflow to reservoir storage in years that are far below average.  The timing of that decision is important so that we can utilize the water that is available in the best way possible for District Patrons. 

A graph showing data trends over time for Fourmile & Fish Lake from 2022 to 2024, with different colored lines representing each year.
Fourmile and Fish Lake Combined storage - Ave , current, 2023, 2022
Northern Supply 6-11-24.pdf
This is a graph with four different colored lines representing data trends across months, annotated with "Howard, Hyatt, Emigrant June 11, 2024."
MID supply in the southern reservoir system is 3,449 a/f on June 12th, 2024
Southern Supply 6-11-24.pdf
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